Check Application Status

You may look up the status on a current application pending with the MLCC through this page.

You do not need to fill out each search box to do a search - for best results enter your request number only and press the search button. A list will appear at the bottom of the page which will include only the request number you entered. You may then click on the request number in that list to open another page with details of the pending request.

You may search using the other search boxes when you do not know the request number but do know other details about the applicant or licensee. If you search using the other search boxes, the resulting list may contain multiple requests related to that search. You may also search by all requests in a specific city, county, or zip code, but that will generate a large list.

After running a search, if you would like to generate a list that you may merge into a letter or print, click the CSV button (for a Comma-Separated Value list), the Excel button (for an Excel spreadsheet list), the Print button to print the list, or the Copy button to copy the data so that you may paste it into a document.

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