Local Governmental Unit Quota Search

Through this search page, you may look up the retail license quota numbers for on and off premises licenses within a specific Local Governmental Unit (LGU) or county.

The “Allowed” column indicates the number of licenses authorized in the LGU under the quota defined under MCL 436.1531. The “Available” column indicates the number of licenses the LGU has available under the quota, but which have not been issued. The “Allocated” column indicates the number of available, unissued quota licenses in the LGU that have been approved by the LGU and for which an active application is still pending. The “Issued” column indicates the total number of quota licenses issued within the LGU.

After running a search, if you would like to generate a list that you may merge into a letter or print, click the CSV button (for a Comma-Separated Value list), the Excel button (for an Excel spreadsheet list), the Print button to print the list, or the Copy button to copy the data so that you may paste it into a document.

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